For creatives who want to get the ball rolling with minimal effort!

✧ Create visibility around your work.

✧ Connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

✧ Create opportunities for yourself through your social media.


✦ Do you have little to no relationship with your social media and would like to do something about it but don’t know where to start?

 Do you truly want to get at it and yet you keep resisting?

✦ Do you have this feeling, that as an artist, it’s what’s expected of you but it just feels like another chore and it’s so much work?

✦ Do you keep pushing away the moment you actually get involved because it’s just too much… Until it pops up again in your mind, or someone reminds you that you’re still not doing it?

hey there!

I’m Martine. I help all kinds of creatives to get started with their social media with minimal effort and in a way that feels natural to them by transforming their perspectives and implementing simple tools.

When I started using Instagram, let’s be honest, I was mostly posting cat pictures. Not that there is anything wrong with this! It just wasn’t helpful to me as a musician. But then again, at the time, I did not even realize that social medias could be a powerful tool in my career.

Until one day on tour, I met this wonderful person at a music market and she completely flipped the way I saw social media. She looked at all my kitty pics and said: how is this selling you as a musician? Well, I had no answer for her and it hit me: if I was going to use Instagram, might as well make it profitable! 

That’s when I started exploring, showing up more and more consistently, creating tools for myself along the way and really, transforming the way I thought about the whole process and aligning with what I wanted to get out of it. And I keep practicing. 

Now, about 6 years later, I use my platforms to share about my work, engage with people and create opportunities for myself. You might even find yourself here because you saw one of my posts! I do not spend much time planning and posting, and yet, I receive collaboration or work offers regularly. For example, this week I got a call for a recording in France. Imagine!

What if it could be that easy to create visibility around your work? What if you figured out a way to connect with your audience with minimal effort? What if you could create opportunities for yourself in the same time it takes you to write a simple email?

Imagine how it would feel to finally get started on you social media presence AND finding the process to be easy, fun and creative.

❝I started a mentoring process with Martine because I wanted to look at certain recurring blockages in my professional life. My initial request rapidly transformed into an investigation of my limiting beliefs that have a repercussion in my work. What struck me during my process with Martine is her encompassing approach, mixing organizational tools and methodology as well as advanced personal development and coaching advice. Martine got me to understand that a great method is nothing if the state of mind, the mindset, is not ready. Moments of this process were true revelations and reassessments, sometimes deep but always with the caring backup of Martine. If you are looking for a process that caters to all aspects of project management and support, this is for you. Be ready to catch the wave !❞
Maud Houssais
Art Curator,

This is for you!

✧ If you are a creative and you are so ready to get the ball rolling with your social media but you just can’t seem to be able to push yourself past the starting point. 
✧ If you have been trying but your vision seems to be blurred, you’re not quite sure how to approach social medias. If you know that all you really need is a little help. 
✧ If you do well in a group context, if you thrive when you’re not alone in the process.

Truth is, if you are ready to transform the way you think about social medias, if you are willing to shift perspectives and create a different relationship to social medias, you are ready for this journey!

The course

Social Media Fire Starter Kit

For creatives who want to get the ball rolling!


This is a group course held live on Zoom (available on replay), once a week for an hour, over 6 weeks starting on the first week of February 2023 (exact schedule to be determined with everyone). You will also get in a group chat on the app Voxer where you can access unlimited support!

What I share with you during this course are the tools that helped me the most, nothing complicated, nothing out of reach for anyone. I rely on YOUR ability to show up as you are, and together, we explore what’s best for you. 

You also get to witness other people progressing as you are, get inspired as you will certainly inspire them as well. On top of that, by staying connected throughout the week, you make sure you get your practice in and keep focused.


✧ This is how we go from not knowing where to start to posting on your socials consistently with minimal efforts. ✧

Click on your location to access a payment link and reserve your spot before February 2nd, 2023!


1800 dhs Morocco

180€ Europe

*For other payment methods, please contact me directly.

Course Outline

Weekly Modules

    ・Get clear on where you are standing so that you know exactly where to start.
    ・Get clarity within so you can express clarity outwards.
    ・Understand what are the specific steps to get the result you desire.
    ・Figure out how to get inspired and stay inspired.
    ・Learn how to create ressources for yourself.
    ・Explore new tools.
    ・Learn to use the power of storytelling.
    ・How to use your artistry to create powerful content.
    ・How to create a consistent practice.
    ・How to bring playfulness in your process so that it’s simply just fun.
    ・Learn how to use what you’ve learn in the long run.
    ・Learn how to be your own accountability buddy so that you keep the ball rolling.

What you get

  • Live group meeting of an hour, once a week, where we explore different topics so that you start exploring new (or old) ideas, see what comes up for you, ask questions and be inspired by other people who are going through the exact same thing. 
  • Direct access to me on a daily basis through Voxer. Don’t wait until the next class if you want to ask a question, share a thought or show the group your great work. That will act as an accelerator for you to live this transformation fully.  
  • Access to the recordings of this class so that you can come back to it as you please and revisit the content for deeper integration.
❝What an amazing human being Martine Labbé is! Powerful. Empathetic. Creative. An active listener. If anyone has heard her play the trumpet, her mentoring style is just as unique & phenomenal. Thank you for igniting light to my fire.❞

Imagine creating visibility for your work, connecting an authentic connection with your audience all the while calling in work, only through your social media presence… It is possible and I’m here to guide you!


1800 dhs Morocco

180€ Europe

*For other payment methods, please contact me directly.

❝To the underestimated, overlooked & the outcast, trust your power❞
⏤ Colin Kaepernick

Imagine how it would be to feel understood and safe. Having faced a lot of misunderstanding and ostracization myself, I particularity relate to anyone identifying with that struggle. I have immense compassion for those who never give up, despite the obstacles. I’m here for you!

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