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"The African flower, Protea, is known to have come from a time when the earth’s continents were one. Today, there are hundreds of varieties of this species. Protea is Martine Labbé’s first bloom, so to say. This is her first full length album where she bravely faced her fears and forged ahead with nine beautiful and emotional tracks that speak honestly about her journey, doubts and transformation. Each track tells the story of her evolution from the curious, the tentative, and the desire to take risks; all the way to the final track Rabat where she arrives in spirit, mind and body. Martine’s message and talent transcends the music. There is a lot of humble maturity in this album. She has dug deep in her soul and it shows in her music. Just like the Protea that was once flower of its own kind, I foresee that Marine’s musical voyage and discoveries will develop and, her future offerings will be as varied as the hundreds of species of the Protea we know today.
Enjoy the ride, the trip and the sounds. Great music!"

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Online presence

Interview by Etienne Capacchione about the launch of Protea.

Montréal, Canada

Poco a Poco, a Sonia Noor composition, interpreted as a duet with Rachel Therrien.

Rabat, Maroc / Montréal, Canada

La musique comme outil de dialogue (few words in French). Recorded for La Boîte Interculturelle about “Music as a dialogue tool”.

Rabat, Maroc

Maskoune Zamane, collaboration between Shauit and Wachmn’hit.

Mashteuiatsh, Canada

Dekoulo Fi, Élage Diouf’s composition. Melokáane album launch.

Montréal, Canada

Neg An Wo, Wesli’s composition, live at Festival Musicas do Mundo.

Sines, Portugal

La Confession, from Lhasa de Sela, interpreted as a duet with Martin Seigneur.

Rabat, Maroc

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