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10/05/2021 – Le Cube, Rabat

the history of a person got looted and transformed into what it looks like today, a morsel of the hunger where the only spotted images are the ones of odds and ends. Therefore, the biology of a person has turned into the disturbed ecology of others, and the surroundings of a person has become a no more than a litter where some joy could be grounded
(extract from the curatorial texte by Achraf Remok)


In a desire to broaden the points of view on the themes and to extend the exchange with the public, this performance in collaboration with the ephemeral company Irtijal Maroc takes place within the framework of the exhibition ECHOS.

Performers Manal Tass, Manon de Matauco and Martine Labbé, under the guidance of Nezha Rhondali, re-examine the living space and its environment unbalanced by the imprint of human bodies. In search of a common breath, they explore their own limits and open the door to the field of possibilities.

For an evening, Le Cube and the exhibition become a space of experience and experimentation.


30/04/2021 – Online 3pm Maroc, 11am Montreal *French speaking event

Designated by UNESCO in 2011, International Jazz Day takes places every year on April 30th and aims to remind of the artistic importance of jazz, its roots and global impact on cultural development. 
On this day, through « La Musique comme moteur du développement durable au Maroc et en Tunisie » program,  Maghreb’s UNESCO office, Anya and Fondation Hiba organized an artist residency that allowed the creation of a musical piece related to jazz that will be broadcasted on April 30th, 2021 after a live talk to which I’m honored to be invited.
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Observations by Zineb El Kohen

29/07/2020 – 18h Rabat, Maroc

Zineb El Kohen organises an exhibition of her latest paintings in Rhita Créations’ workshop:

“I would be honoured to share with you these fragments of joy, pieces of life that marked my canvas throughout this past year. It will also be a great opportunity to meet again with a drink after these long month of lockdown, serenaded by the soft sounds of Martine Labbé. Most of all, make sure you bring along other art lovers.”  

Love from Canada

01/01/2020 – 1:15pm GMT

A celebration of Canada live on social media. Our special contribution with an hommage introduced by Her Excellency Ms Nell Stewart, Ambassador of Canada in Morocco. Artistic direction, Martine Labbé.

Je suis mon rêve: “Être entière”

16/05/2020 – 21h GMT

Live talk sur la page instagram de Sonia Noor. Entretien autour d’un thé, coeur à coeur à propos de mes différents chapeaux et quelques notions d’équilibre.

Bring your own tea, sit down comfortably at home!

Why and how we need you now; conversation about basic needs

with Yemoh & The Minority Globe

15/05/2020 – 21h GMT

Live talk (anglais) sur ma page Facebook avec Reuben Odoi Yemoh, artiste impliqué auprès des communautés migrantes du Maroc, concernant la situation d’urgence alimentaire.

As we are entering the second month of the lockdown in Morocco, let’s have a conversation about community, basic needs but most importantly: why and how we need you now! 

Reuben Odoi Yemoh is a singer songwriter established in Morocco. From the day he arrived, he started working with migrant communities from all around the country. He will inform us about the type of conditions certain of these communities currently live in, the work he’s been carrying to help them and the lengths small gestures can go. 

Please join us, for the sake of being informed. Be part of the discussion, be part of the solution!