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Wildly emotional polycreative jazzhead & empowerment pusher with a passion for the world, its people and their cultures.

"A musician's personality comes from their character and the stories they have to tell, and to come into Martine's universe is to enter the most beautiful of gardens."

Rachel therrien - trumpeter, Composer & producer

One music, all the colours.
Contact me to know how I can participate to your success.


Any type of event, from an intimate concert to the big stage of a festival, as musical director or side woman. 


Few lines of an arrangement, a bright theme or a tasty solo, in the style you choose. 


Specific orders on demand for creative music or custom arrangement of an existing song.

A personalized approach in depth, to develop yourself as an artist, musician, human. 

- It's a pleasure to serve your project, Martine Labbé

some artists i had the chance to work with

A few words from my Collaborators

"An outstanding multi-instrumentalist, an arranger and composer whose talent could spark jealousy from many and someone with a most impressive life and character."
Rahchel Therrien
"What struck me the most was Martine's courage. She was not used to arabo-andalusian music, had never collaborated with anyone from this traditional school before and yet assimilated everything perfectly from the start."
Jamal Nouman
"I love to work with Martine. On top of being reliable, on time and responsible, the attention she gives to specific projects and her care to understand what the artist is trying to accomplish allow her to come in with the right tone and attitude as well as to enrich the project, not only musically, but also in her ability to integrate the team smoothly. She tunes into the project's dynamic in a positive and enjoyable way.

On tour, Martine is much pleasant, always ready to explore the city early day, which I appreciate personally, while being motivated and in shape at night, when it's showtime.

In one word, to work with Martine is a great joy!"
André Desilets
Saxophonist &
leader > Skatton Club

Concerts around the world

Il y a ces connexions qui vous marqueront à jamais,
Ces notes de musique qui accompagneront ces moments les plus intimes de vous‐même,
Au plus profond du son, qui se fusionne aux battements du cœur,
Ces moments qui restent gravés à jamais,
Comme cette chanson que l’on fredonne au fond de sa tête,
Une rencontre qui ne trompe pas,
Comme le son qui sonne de l’or d’une trompette,
Cette rencontre vraie, avec elle, cette mélodie magique,
Son vent qui vous emporte au nom de la musique,
De sa composition, la création,
Au souffle vrai de Martine Labbé,
Sa fleur au jazz,
Sentez‐la, ressentez‐la,
Elle vous aime déjà.

There are connections that will leave an imprint on you forever,
These music notes that will stick with you in the most intimate inner moments,
In the depth of sound, fusing to the heartbeat,
These moments are set in stone,
Like this song we hum at the back of our head,
An undeniable meeting,
Like the sound resonating from a trumpet’s gold,
This true meeting, with her, this magical melody,
Her wind lifting you up in the name of music,
Of her composition, the creation,
Of Martine Labbé’s truthful breath,
Her flower of jazz,
Take a whiff, get a feel,
She already loves you.

Stella Adjokê