Mentoring: why this offer?

Mentoring: why this offer?

Some people choose to go with what they are good at. I am utterly fascinated by the things that I have a harder time comprehending and that’s exactly how I started playing trumpet. 

Choosing something that reveals harder is not the easiest choice, obviously. It meant for me that I was often left behind as a teenager in high school bands because I could not keep up with other people’s learning pace but I loved playing. Things got even more exciting when I discovered jazz, this ever so intricate and mysterious language, and off I went on this life long journey of learning and self discovery.

One path of many

I faced many obstacles in the school system, being told countless times that I could never play the instrument, that I could never make a living off of music. As the body often reflects the state of the soul, I suffered quite a few major injuries throughout the years. I overcame them all, finding creativity in the way I navigated through the health system to find the right people, the right path to healing. I found myself having to gather mental strength. I did and still am doing so through allowing myself to explore over and over again different tools of self development, thought processes, positive reinforcement and mindset practices, amongst others.

Like everyone, I took advantage of this year’s slowed down pace to think and assess, and I have come to the decision that it is time I share in a more structured setting what I have been sharing with my colleagues and friends for a long time.

The payoff of working through hardships and fears is massive. I graduated from university with honours, self produced an album, toured the world over the last 5 years, established myself in a foreign country where I co-founded a successful cultural business and to me, those are not even the most rewarding results. More importantly, I actually got to find myself, to be more and more eloquent and authentic in all of my channels of expression and to believe in the fact that my dreams are accessible, no matter what shape and form they take.

What’s the next step?

The journey I am inviting you to embark on is one where you are in charge of the direction and content, and where I act as a supporting force to propel your dream. In recent months, I have lent an ear and a hand to artists, language lovers, entrepreneurs and multi passionate creatives with one common goal: taking that next step that would allow them to get closer to their dreams in perfect alignment with who they truly are.

If that resonates with you in any way, perhaps listen to that voice, follow the push and let’s have a chat! I would be honoured to hear about your dreams and discuss how I could be of service. 

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