Imagine how it would feel to finally get your project on track, finish it easily and experience the success you've been dreaming of.

Learn to organize your time and manage your project in a way that feels great, knock over your personal obstacles with courage and get to the end with more confidence through the power of play.

✧ Have you had this creative project you really want to push to the finish line but did not quite make it your priority and you’re finally ready to look into what has been preventing you from doing it?

✧ Have you put tons of efforts into it but still are not sure about what your next step should be and are ready to invest in the support you need and deserve to get there?

✧ Do you experience self doubt or fear of being judged through your art and look forward to overcoming these feelings and feel better about yourself and your creations?


Are you ready?

✧ To start showing up for the work you believe you can do and feel like you can actually achieve it because you’ve broken it down into comprehensive steps?

✧ To get organized in a way that works for you and feels good to you so that you approach your work more easily, feeling calm, knowing that you can always tweak what doesn’t feel aligned?

✧ To look at what is blocking you and take the steps necessary so that you experience more freedom and ease in your creative process, feeling more confidence knowing you are fully supported?

✧ To make changes in your approach so that you get to live your dreams and feel accomplished, experiencing the results you were looking for?

✧ To enjoy the process fully, building new skills as you go, feeling proud of yourself?

about me

My name is Martine. I help artists get over procrastination and lack of momentum so that they can get their projects to the finish line, helping them to get empowered and experience more ease and freedom along the way. 

I used to be kicked out of music lessons, doubting myself, feeling overwhelmed, battling with anxiety and procrastination. I simply did not know what to do with myself or where to start to get anything done. Even spending time with my horn, doing the thing that would actually get me to acquire more skills to go towards my goal, felt awful and I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. Until I had enough and it was time things shifted for me.

✧ I faced my inner demons, feeding them instead of rejecting them so I could move forward with clarity on the areas within me that needed work.

✧ I sat down, wrote my goals and established the most direct way to get there, putting in place a plan that I felt excited about.

 I surrounded myself with people who helped me to feel good about my practice so that I could feel supported and have access to ressources to carry my growth.

✧ I experimented how to embody a playful mentality into anything that I do so that I can feel more freedom and enjoy the process.

Doing so, I got to write, record and launch my first album all the while finally (and after 10 years) getting my music degree – with honours! I had just proven to myself that I could do it and I’ve been applying the same method over and over again, opening a successful cultural business in Morocco, managing bigger and bigger projects and helping clients doing the same. 
❝When I started working with Martine I had close to no skills to realize my vision of creating the jingle for my podcast. With her support, I set deadlines and a schedule in place to go through the learning curve of teaching myself how to use music production software and arrange the piece so I could go ahead and launch after months of stalling! Martine helped me to manage the project, express my idea and work with 5 other collaborators to create something that expressed my personality and the vibe of the show and get it out there. She helped me navigate fears, resistance, procrastination and frustration during the process and taught me so much about the power of play and taking the pressure off to really nurture my creativity to produce magic results! Martine's approach to teaching music is jazzy, open, intuitive, philosophical and I'm so grateful for her expertise. I simply would not have made such fast and effective - and FUN - progress without her!❞

This offer is for you if:

✧ You are ready to invest in the support you deserve to finish your project more easily.

✧ You wish to be helped but don’t know where to start.

✧ You know that your project can be accomplished with the right help.

✧ You want to feel understood and are looking to find a method that works for you.

✧ You feel stuck with blocks that don’t seem to affect others and wish to surpass them too.

✧ You are ready to explore new ways of working and of being to get to the result you are dreaming of. 

What to Expect

Imagine how great you would feel if you got to:

✧ Shift your perspectives! 

✧ Go from feeling overwhelmed with all that you have to do to getting organized in a way that suits you and creates results.

✧ Develop your own personal tools that help moving you forward, no matter what’s the task in front of you.

✧ Leave that imposter syndrome and feeling of unworthiness behind and learn to carry yourself in the world with more confidence, honing your most valuable skills.

✧ Get over feeling stuck and feel the satisfaction of achieving the goals you’ve desired.

✧ Get to feel all the joy and excitement of moving your project along, feeling aligned and proud. 

✧ Stir towards a life where you give yourself permission and have plenty to celebrate everyday.

❝What an amazing human being Martine Labbé is! Powerful. Empathetic. Creative. An active listener. If anyone has heard her play the trumpet, her mentoring style is just as unique & phenomenal. Thank you for igniting light to my fire.❞

What you get

weekly meeting

We meet over Zoom for 50 minutes every week to assess, reframe and transform our strategy so that you have a clear game plan and feel confident about the steps you need to take on for the week. You’ll be able to explore tools and tips so that you work towards experiencing more freedom and enjoyment in your process.


Get unlimited support between meetings through the Voxer so that you feel fully supported, get accountability and are able to build the momentum that will push you towards the completion of your project.

More about Sarah's experience

Get inspired by her story of transformation!

❝To the underestimated, overlooked & the outcast, trust your power❞
⏤ Colin Kaepernick

Imagine how it would be to feel understood and safe. Having faced a lot of misunderstanding and ostracization myself, I particularity relate to anyone identifying with that struggle. I have immense compassion for those who never give up, despite the obstacles. I’m here for you!

Curious to know more?

Get half an hour with me over Zoom so that all of your questions are answered. The best part: it’s totally free. Get to know me more and let’s get started! 

Embark on this journey and experience more freedom and ease. Your project, get it done!

Payment plans

6 months – monthly payments of 833$

or 4500$ if paid in full when bought


6 months – monthly payment of 586€

or 3100€ if paid in full when bought

*For the price in dirhams: add one zero on the € price.


*Make the full payment or the first monthly payment through PayPal. You will then receive an email within the next 24 to 48 hours with all the information.

For other payment methods, please contact me directly.

Still have questions?

Tell me about your ideas, your concerns, your projects and get on board!