Mentoring: how does it work?

Mentoring: how does it work?

We all have, in different degrees, aspirations, inspirations, desires to fulfill and dreams to achieve. My luck was to know what I wished to do at a young age with absolute certainty. Or at least, the direction I wanted to take. With a lot of efforts, perseverance, resilience, discipline and most of all, compassion for the process, I started making progress and still am doing so.

That being said, the moment when my internal blocages started to slowly dissolve before my eyes was the moment I met my mentors. As a matter of fact, investing oneself with someone vibrating at the same frequency reveals to be a great catalyst. Genuine support beyond sheer technique, true desire to witness the protégé succeed as well as authentic listening are just a few of the attitudes that inspire me the most and that I share now in return.

Step by step, here is how this process concretely falls into place:
  1. Exploratory call
    It is crucial to take the time to evaluate the synergy between us before we take the decision to collaborate. I invite you to a conversation through which we will explore together your dream, your motivations, your challenges as well as question ourselves on the best route to take, the how’s and why’s I would support you in your journey. At the same time, we will discuss the container of this process to figure out what suits you best in terms of schedule and practical implementation.
  2. Taking a decision
    With all details set, it’s your turn to get involved. Is it the structure you need to gear up, take the next step towards your dream, or simply take a leap of faith?
  3. It’s a go!
    All we need to do is to decide on a work schedule and we are already launched.

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