Testimony: Sarah Mac – writer and mindset coach

Testimony: Sarah Mac – writer and mindset coach

When I started working with Martine I had close to no skills to realize my vision of creating the jingle for my podcast. With her support, I set deadlines and a schedule in place to go through the learning curve of teaching myself how to use music production software and arrange the piece so I could go ahead and launch after months of stalling! Martine helped me to manage the project, express my idea and work with 5 other collaborators to create something that expressed my personality and the vibe of the show and get it out there. She helped me navigate fears, resistance, procrastination and frustration during the process and taught me so much about the power of play and taking the pressure off to really nurture my creativity to produce magic results! Martine’s approach to teaching music is jazzy, open, intuitive, philosophical and I’m so grateful for her expertise. I simply would not have made such fast and effective – and FUN – progress without her!

Sarah Mac

Where to find Sarah:

Online: withsarahmac.com
The podcast: Creative Magic Club
On Facebook: Sarah Mac

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