Why I came to this work

Some people choose to go with what they are good at. I am utterly fascinated by the things that I have a harder time comprehending and that’s exactly how I started playing trumpet. 

Choosing something that reveals harder is not the easiest choice, obviously. It meant for me that I was often left behind as a teenager in high school bands because I could not keep up with other people’s learning pace but I loved playing. Things got even more exciting when I discovered jazz, this ever so intricate and mysterious language, and off I went on this life long journey of learning and self discovery.

One path of many

I faced many obstacles in the school system, being told countless times that I could never play the instrument, that I could never make a living off of music. As the body often reflects the state of the soul, I suffered quite a few major injuries throughout the years. I overcame them all, finding creativity in the way I navigated through the health system to find the right people, the right path to healing. I found myself having to gather mental strength. I did and still am doing so through allowing myself to explore over and over again different tools of self development, thought processes, positive reinforcement and mindset practices, amongst others.

Like everyone, I took advantage of the pandemic’s slowed down pace to think and assess, and I came to the decision that it was time I shared in a more structured setting what I have been sharing with my colleagues and friends for a long time.

The payoff of working through hardships and fears is massive. I graduated from university with honours, self produced an album, toured the world over the last 5 years, established myself in a foreign country where I co-founded a successful cultural business and to me, those are not even the most rewarding results. More importantly, I actually got to find myself, to be more and more eloquent and authentic in all of my channels of expression and to believe in the fact that my dreams are accessible, no matter what shape and form they take.

What’s the next step?

The journey I am inviting you to embark on is one where you are in charge of the direction and content, and where I act as a supporting force to propel your dream in one on one meetings. In recent months, I have lent an ear and a hand to artists, language lovers, entrepreneurs and multi passionate creatives with one common goal: taking that next step that would allow them to get closer to their dreams in perfect alignment with who they truly are. Let’s get rid of that impostor syndrome, work through blocages and dare make a move towards your accomplishment!
If that resonates with you in any way, perhaps listen to that voice, follow the push and let’s have a chat! I would be honoured to hear about your dreams and discuss how I could be of service. 

"When I started working with Martine I had close to no skills to realize my vision of creating the jingle for my podcast. With her support, I set deadlines and a schedule in place to go through the learning curve of teaching myself how to use music production software and arrange the piece so I could go ahead and launch after months of stalling! Martine helped me to manage the project, express my ida and work with 5 other collaborators to create something that expressed my personality and the vibe of the show and get it out there. She helped me navigate fears, resistance, procrastination and frustration during the process and taught me so much about the power of play and taking the pressure off to really nurture my creativity to produce magic results! Martine's approach to teaching music is jazzy, open, intuitive, philosophical and I'm so grateful for her expertise. I simply would not have made such fast and effective - and FUN - progress without her!

How does it work?

We all have, in different degrees, aspirations, inspirations, desires to fulfill and dreams to achieve. My luck was to know what I wished to do at a young age with certainty. Or at least, the direction I wanted to take. With a lot of efforts, perseverance, resilience, discipline and most of all, compassion for the process, I started making progress and still am doing so.

That being said, the moment when my internal blocages started to slowly dissolve before my eyes was the moment I met my mentors. As a matter of fact, investing oneself with someone vibrating at the same frequency reveals to be a great catalyst. Genuine support beyond sheer technique, true desire to witness the protégé succeed as well as authentic listening are just a few of the attitudes that inspire me the most and that I share now in return.


What happens during our 1:1


I provide for a full hour of undivided attention when we will discuss your plans, your dreams and concrete ways to get there. I make sure we open up possibilities acting as a sounding board and asking focused questions. When we encounter some of your knots, blocages and limiting beliefs, we observe them together with compassion and explore ways to untangle it all.


Step by step, here is how this process concretely falls into place:


  1. Exploratory call
    It is crucial to take the time to evaluate the synergy between us before we take the decision to collaborate. I invite you to a conversation through which we will explore together your dream, your motivations, your challenges as well as question ourselves on the best route to take, the how’s and why’s I would support you in your journey. At the same time, we will discuss the container of this process to figure out what suits you best in terms of schedule and practical implementation.
  2. Taking a decision
    With all details set, it’s your turn to get involved. Is it the structure you need to gear up, take the next step towards your dream, or simply take a leap of faith?
  3. It’s a go!
    All we need to do is to decide on a work schedule and we are already launched.

Ready to take action? Book your appointment now! 

More about Sarah's experience

The packages

I know that there is a perfect solution for each individual situation. That being said, I highly believe that the key of success is taking responsibility in committing to your own process. Here are the options available to you. 



If you are fully ready to step into your work, design a new reality for yourself, excited about spending some time expanding your work and well being, this one is for you. I offer focused 1:1 sessions of an hour each week. I also provide you with a written recap after each meeting and full support through e-mail communication. 


Steady Train

If you prefer a slower steady pace so you have time to do the inner work while keeping focused on other projects, this might be for you. We will meet for one focused 1:1 session of an hour every other week. I also provide you with a written recap after each meeting, a gentle check-in during the week we do not meet and full support through e-mail communication. 



If you just want to try it out, if you need just one big push on demand, this offer is yours. We go through one focused 1:1 session and I provide you with a written recap with what we discussed as well as links about tools and content we might have talked about.


Any of these options is tempting you? Book your free exploratory call now so we can discuss YOUR best scenario.